Lighting Rods

The Lighting Rods does not appeal, avoid or prevent the thunder or lighting but it helps to direct them though specific routes to ground.



LEA Surge Protector Devices

Our SPDs are the first equipment that defend the structure, electric and electronic equipment, and any electrical fluctuations that comes through the high power line. The IEEE norms that we must protect all facilities following this scale: 1. Electrical Supply Connection, 2. Principal Pannel, 3.Electric Equipment. The LEA SPDs are the only ones with high resistance, 20 years of warranty. We have proven upt to 80% in savings of maintenance, not only for reducing the general care of electric equipment but also for avoiding the high costs of replacement of the same.

Solar Panels

We visit your facilities in question in order to make an Economic Proposal for the photovoltaic Installation of an Hybrid system. With this solution you will be able to maintain half of the average time of electrical use plus the injeccion of energy equivalent to the needs of your facilities. We PROVIDE AND INSTALL SOLAR PANELS.
The last light bills, the análisis of the facilities, and other studies will give us a practical solution, great electrical saving, a fast investment return at the same time you support a Green Planet.